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How do I get newspapers in my classroom?

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Fill out and submit the form by clicking here. Please keep in mind that the Journal is delivered in the morning.

We accept requests for the next school year around April 1st, but watch the web site. Funding is allocated on a first come, first served basis.  If you can help us secure sponsorship dollars, you will be funded immediately.  We fund up to $450 per teacher per school year.  If your kids can share, have them share.  If you can get by with a classroom set, then do so. You can order any day/combo of day, but please be mindful that others are waiting too.

To give you a perspective of cost: If you want the paper M-F; the most we can fund are 18 copies Monday through Friday for 26 weeks of the school year. We can increase the daily quantity by reducing the number of days
and so on. Our minimum amount of papers per order is 7 a day, keep in mind these papers are to be used in the classroom setting.

Once your newspaper delivery starts we ask that you do the following:

  • Thank your sponsors
You will find your sponsor’s name and contact information on the order calendar that we send you.  It is important to thank them so they realize that you are utilizing their donation. If you need help thinking of creative ways to thank them contact us.
  • Contact us promptly regarding missed deliveries.
If you are in the city, and contact us before 8:30 am on the missed day, we will do our best to redeliver. If you contact us after 8:30 am, we can not credit your account for the missed papers, but need to know so we can provide better service.
Before Winter Break and in the early spring we require that you complete a delivery verification form. We are audited and must have current records on file for our teacher accounts. This can be done via fax, mail or e-mail and you will be notified in advance of the deadline. Teachers who do not return a delivery verification form are not eligible to participate in the NIE program the following year. Check out the special features you will find in each publication:


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