Activity Cards

Ballooning Ideas with Newspapers (Elementary/Middle)

  • Packet
    includes over 90 creative ways to integrate newspapers with the
    International Balloon Fiesta while teaching language arts, social
    studies, science, math, art , newspaper studies.  ($6+$2, s&h,
    + tax)

ESL, the newspaper, and the Classroom

  • Packet
    includes over 170 activities designed to teach English as a Second
    Language using the newspaper as the main text.  ($6+$2, s&h, +

Newspaper Fun with Garfield (Grades K-6)

  • Packet
    includes over 40 activities in math, language arts, social studies,
    reading, geography, and self-esteem.  Garfield is on every
    card.  ($2+$1, s&h, + tax)

NIE activity Cards (Elementary/Middle)

  • Packet
    includes 210 cards color coded for math, language arts, social studies,
    science, and newspaper reading activities.  ($6+$2, s&h, + tax)

Subject Unit

Art Concerts in the News

  • Guide
    contains a variety of activities to teach students about spot color,
    texture and perspective.  Students can search the newspaper for
    example of type, balance and unity.  ($5+$.65, s&h, +tax)

Geography and the Newspaper

  • Guide is designed to help teachers teach geography by using the newspaper as the main source.  ($5+$.65, s&h, +tax)


  • Guide has many elementary, middle, and high school math activities.  ($1+$.32, s&h, + tax)

Math News (Middle/High)

  • Guide
    includes activities using the newspaper as a resource to implement four
    standards: problem solving, communication, logical reasoning, and
    making connections.  ($1+$.32, s&h, + tax)

Measuring Up in Mathematics

  • Guide includes math activities for general mathematics/geometry.  ($5+$.65, s&h, + tax)

Science in the News

  • Using
    the activities in this guide, teachers can help students develop an
    awareness of the crucial role science plays in their daily lives and
    how science changes throughout one’s life.  ($5+$.65, s&h, +

Special Education & Cooperative Learning

  • Guide
    includes activities where students must work together in order to
    complete the activities. This guide can be used in many subject
    areas.  ($5+$.65, s&h, + tax)

Sports Science

  • Guide takes fabulous sports feats and traces them to the science that makes them work.  ($5+$.65, s&h, + tax)

Reading, Writing, Thinking Skills

Life Skills in the News
  • Guide
    introduces students to the newspaper, leading them to think critically,
    ask questions, analyze the resulting effect of the event,  or find
    the answers to daily problems.   ($5+$.65, s&h, + tax)

  • Reading Realities
    in designed to help students learn how to read and read to learn. 
    This can be used in most subject areas.   ($5+$.65, s&h, + tax)

Newspaper Explorations

Citizens Together: You and Your Newspaper
  • Guide
    includes activities to involve students in applying reading, writing,
    and think skills to learn about their individual freedoms in
    society.  ($1+$.32, s&h, + tax)

The News Ad Vantage  (Elementary/Middle)
  • With
    this guide teachers can provide their students with an interesting
    background and unique perspective on newspaper advertising. 
    Students in grades 4-8 begin to develop critical reading and thinking
    skills through each activity.  ($5+$.65, s&h, + tax)

You Make the News!
  • Guide
    designed to look at the various parts of a newspaper and to help create
    a classroom newspaper.  ($5+$.65, s&h, + tax)


Comic Strip… Newspaper Capers
  • This
    guide can enhance your character/values curriculum and add to your
    language arts and creative writing materials.   ($5+$.65, s&h, + tax)

It’s NIE! K3!  (Elementary)
  • Guide includes activities designed for younger students.   ($5+$.65, s&h, + tax)
  • Guide contains activities which are organized according to the 7 intelligences of the multiple intelligence theory.   ($5+$.65, s&h, + tax)

Thematic Units

  • On The Sidelines
    Guide emphasizes using the sports section to teach any number of skills.   ($5+$.65, s&h, + tax)