About NIE

What is Newspapers in Education?

The Newspapers in Education (NIE) program supports and encourages the use of newspapers as an integral component in teaching today’s students in the classroom, in addition to promoting excellence in teaching and lifelong learning.  More than 900 newspapers worldwide have successful Newspapers in Education programs. Since it’s conception in Maine mid-1775, publishers, teachers, parents, and students realize the positive benefits of integrating the newspaper in general academics.

ABQ NIE History

We at Albuquerque Publishing Company have been making newspapers available to New Mexican students and teachers since 1976.
In the past year, we met the needs of over 1,000 teachers and their students. Did you know that every paper printed reaches 2.33 readers? With approximately 30 kids per class that adds up to about 70,000 newspapers!

Did you know that daily access to a newspaper helps raise standardized test scores 10-30% according to the Newspapers Association of America?


  • Raise test scores
Research shows that students with regular access to the newspaper can increase their standardized test scores by 10-30%.  Reading the paper also improves reading levels.  Using the newspaper meets numerous state standars as well as helps districts follow guidelines set out by No Child Left Behind and Common Core Standards.
  • Assist/support teachers in integrating the newspaper into their regular lessons
Reading the newspaper creates smarter and more involved future members of our community.  Reading the newspaper also helps increase kids’ self-esteem. People from all types of socio-economic backgrounds and careers read the newspaper:  doctors, lawyers, truck drivers, teachers, construction workers and athletes. Kids learn by example and when they see “important” adults reading the paper they realize that the world has much to offer them. For a few minutes they are more than “kids” and they can become whomever they want to be through their travels in the newspaper.