Spelling Bee Information 2013-14

 2013-14 Spelling Bee Coordinators:

The Albuquerque Journal and Newspapers in Education are again sponsoring the New Mexico Spelling Bee. Students grades two through eight may participate in the 2014 bee.
The New Mexico Spelling Bee is scheduled for 9 am March 22, 2014  at Sandia Preparatory School in Albuquerque. Check the Web site or for updated information.

The winner of the New Mexico Spelling Bee goes on to participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee  in Washington, D.C. The champion and a parent’s airfare, hotel, food and official tour expenses will be paid for by the Albuquerque Journal and Newspapers in Education.

All spectators are welcome at the New Mexico Spelling Bee. The Albuquerque Journal and Newspapers in Education take enormous pride in sponsoring this bee and wish all spellers the very best.

Karen Kehe, New Mexico Spelling Bee Coordinator


You MUST register your school with the Scripps National Spelling Bee before October 15, 2013, at The fee is $120.00 . Spellers from schools not enrolled with the national bee are not eligible to participate in the New Mexico and national spelling bees.

County bees: Spellers should participate in at least a couple of elimination bees before moving ahead to the county bee. Example: A classroom and a school bee, followed by a district bee, then the county bee. County bees are the last bee before the state bee.
Albuquerque and Rio Rancho school district bees take the place of a county bee. Private and parochial schools, charter schools and home-schooled students in Albuquerque have separate bees and follow the same rules as county bees.

The number of schools enrolled in each county, APS and RRPS determines the number of eligible spellers for the New Mexico bee. One speller is accepted for each 10 (or portion of 10) schools enrolled with the national bee.

Eligibility: All students in public, private, parochial and home school may compete. No student should be eliminated because of school.

New Mexico Spelling Bee registration deadline: County, APS and RRPS bees must submit champions’ form before Feb. 1, 2013. Failure to meet this deadline may disqualify your speller.



  • Pronouncers and judges should be familiar and comfortable with your rules.  Provide these before the bee. A copy of suggested Rules for Local Spelling Bees is available in the School Pronouncer Guide.
  • Spellers should also have access to the rules. Be prepared to answer questions at the bee. Include something that states judges are in control of the bee and their decisions are final.


  • Chose a pronouncer who is good with words, not necessarily someone who is prominent in the community. The pronouncer should not be a judge.
  • The New Mexico bee recommends an odd number of judges.
  • Parents and teachers of students eligible to participate in the competition should not be judges or pronouncers.

Study words for students

  • My Spell It! is a good source for students to begin studying. It is available free at  The Classroom Pronouncer Guide has a list of study words by grade level for spellers.

Word lists for pronouncers and judges

  • Pronouncers and judges should study the word list before school and county bees. School Pronouncer Guides are available to schools enrolled with the national bee. These lists contain the word with diacritical markings, the origin, definition and a sentence. You may use this list or one of your own.
  • County/District pronouncer guides will be mailed from the New Mexico bee.
  • The pronouncer word lists in the Classroom, School and County/District guides are not to be given to students.